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Classic Theme Homepage

Editorial Theme Homepage

CCAS and Department/Program Websites

The Communications and Marketing Office oversees web development activities across the college and is responsible for making complex changes to sites. Our office is also responsible for migrating department websites from the GW Drupal Classic Theme to the new, improved Editorial Theme. Other CCAS offices, academic departments and programs are empowered and expected to designate a Drupal user who maintains the website and keeps the content updated.

Our team provides basic trainings to all CCAS Drupal users in order to ensure they are able to competently maintain content across all department/program websites. Depending on the theme of their site, users must sign up and complete either the Classic Theme Drupal Training or Editorial Theme Drupal Training using their GW email account. Successfully completing one of the two trainings will grant users the Certificate of Completion, which must be emailed to as proof of training, before they can gain site access.

Additional training opportunities include in-person training sessions offered by GW’s Office of Online Strategy. That office also provides GW Drupal support through the Drupal Demo & Training website and in-person and virtual office hours.

Our office also provides online resources and guidelines to assist Drupal users with maintaining department and program websites. Users are encouraged to use and adhere to these guidelines in order to ensure high-quality content accross all CCAS web properties.

For questions, concerns or assistance with a CCAS department or program website, please email Sending an email to this address will create a ticket within our web helpdesk system, allowing us to better serve the college.

Faculty & Other Websites

Our team does not support personal faculty websites. However, the university now offers GW Blogs, a self-service website and blog publishing platform powered by CampusPress (WordPress). This service is available at no cost to current faculty, staff and students for academic, official and personal use.



  • Faculty or lab website
  • Event/conference website
  • Department or faculty blog
  • Office microsite


  • Training and support provided by the Office of Online Strategy
  • Connected to your GW NetID and password (single sign-on access)
  • Easily collaborate with others
  • User-friendly WordPress-based content management system
  • Branded GW URL (i.e.,; custom URLs are also available)
  • Features and plugins including a form builder, Google Maps, site analytics, accessibility support, multimedia integration and more
  • Extensive support documentation available in the CampusPress EduBlogs User Guide

Digital Accessibility

Our office is overseeing the effort to ensure CCAS department and program websites are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. This work supports the University's digital accessibility commitment to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. To assist with the process, we provide an online resource page where you can learn more about digital accessibility best practices.


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GW is committed to digital accessibility. If you experience a barrier that affects your ability to access content on this page, let us know via the Accessibility Feedback Form.