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Digital Accessibility Resources

Columbian College's Office of Communications & Marketing is overseeing the effort to ensure CCAS department and program websites are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. This work supports the University's digital accessibility commitment to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

What Is Digital Accessibility?

WCAG 2.0 identifies four principles of digital accessibility. According to the guidelines, web content must be perceivable, operable, understandable and robust in order to be considered accessible.

  • Perceivable: users must be able to perceive the information being presented. It can't be invisible to all of their senses.
  • Operable: users must be able to operate the interface. The interface cannot require interaction that a user cannot perform.
  • Understandable: users must be able to understand the information as well as the operation of the user interface.
  • Robust : users must be able to access the content as technologies advance. As technologies and user agents evolve, the content should remain accessible.

Digital Accessibility Best Practices

The Digital Accessibility at Columbian College presentation (PDF) guides you through our office's best practices to improve web, PDF and Emma accessibility. If you are unable to use the Adobe Acrobat accessibility tool or locate the accessible Emma template, email for assistance.

Making PDFs Accessible

Making PDFs accessible is an important part of GW's digital accessibility requirements. Fortunately, many accessibility issues related to PDFs can be remediated using accessibility tools in Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office. Watch the "Making PDFs Accessible Webinar" to learn about how you can use these tools to fix common accessibility errors in your own PDFs.

Accessibility Webinars

Basic Accessibility Steps to Perform on Every Webpage

Creating Accessible PDFs From Microsoft Word

The "creating accessible PDFs webinar" uses a MacOS platform for demonstration. If you have questions regarding how to follow the steps on a PC, contact Online Strategy.

Additional Training & Resources

In addition to the resources provided by our team, GW's Office of Online Strategy recommends several in-house and third-party training opportunities that help you improve your site accessibilty.

Questions? Email GW's Office of Online Strategy or attend Weekly Office Hours.

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GW is committed to digital accessibility. If you experience a barrier that affects your ability to access content on this page, let us know via the Accessibility Feedback Form.