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CCAS Logos

Logos for digital/web use are PNGs with transparent backgrounds. High-resolution print logos are provided as EPS files.

Please note: EPS files often do not preview properly and are not compatible with all programs/applications. The download itself should be fine, though, so do not be alarmed if you cannot open the file. If you are working with a vendor who has trouble with one of these EPS logo files, please contact us at

Full CCAS Logo

Short CCAS Logo

Department & Program Identity

Department "Logos"

For print materials, the current practice is to use a typeset version of the department/program name in proximity to the full CCAS logo.

Online Brand

The logo-like graphic in the upper left corner of department and program websites is not officially a logo. It is considered an "online brand." There are currently two types of online brands being used, which depend on the website's Drupal theme.

Merchandise & Swag

Our office has templates for university-approved designs that can be used on merchandise produced by the department.

Questions regarding or requesting logos and brands can be sent to

University and Institutional Logos

You can download various versions of GW's primary, horizontal, portrait and monogram logos from Marketing and Creative Services.

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