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There are a number of outlets where we can promote CCAS, department and program events. These channels include social media, web calendars, and event listings in CCAS and GW digital publications. If warranted, we can also send targeted email blasts to promote an event.

Questions about events and event promotion can be sent to

Event Posters & Flyers

Our office can sometimes assist with the design of event posters. We have several templates that we can use or modify for lecture series, guest speakers and special departmental events.

To inquire about having a poster or flyer created for your event, please email

Submit an Event

Submitting an event to the CCAS and University Calendars is easy!

  1. Complete the University Calendar Open Entry Form with your event details. It's best to prepare all of your event information before attempting to complete the form. This information includes the event name, date, time, location, description (including the registration link, if applicable), audience and graphics/photos.
  2. Be sure to select "Columbian College of Arts & Sciences" from the "Schools & Colleges" drop-down menu/field. Our office reviews and approves events submitted to this categorization. If approved, your event will appear on both the CCAS web calendar and the University Calendar.Screenshot of the Categories & Tags portion of the University Calendar Open Entry Form that shows "Columbian College of Arts & Sciences" selected
  3. If your department or program site pulls in a calendar feed of your events, remember to type the 4-letter code for your department or program name (e.g., "ENGL" for English, "ANTH" for Anthropology) in the “Tag(s)” field. If you are unsure if your website has this feature, please email

Events submitted to us via the Open Entry Form are reviewed in a timely manner. In addition to exposing your event to a wider audience via the University Calendar, submitting your events to us also helps ensure that our staff will see them when we prepare our weekly Happening This Week! events digest.

Event Submission Best Practices

Add a main image to your event.

Screenshot of the University Calendar which shows three events, but only one event has a corresponding photo.

Uploading an image or graphic as the main image of your event can help increase the visibility of your event in the calendar.

Image Requirements

  • High-quality photographs or marketing materials
  • 1080 pixels by 720 pixels
  • Less than 2 MB in size
  • An acceptable file type: png, gif, jpg or jpeg
Include event sponsor(s) or host(s) in the event description.

Include the event sponsors or hosts in the event description. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

For example:

  • Co-Sponsored by the Department of Religion and the Loeb Institute for Religious Freedom
  • Hosted by the GW Departments of Sociology and Psychology
  • The Department of American Studies will host Dr. George Washington, professor of history at King's College, who will discuss his experience crossing the Delaware.
Choose event location from "Building" drop-down AND type in location's street address.

Select your event's location from the "Building" drop-down menu and then put in the street address, including room number (if applicable).

Typing in the building address in addition to selecting the building adds a Google maps widget to your event page.

We encourage you to also review the additional event submission best practices on the GW University Calendar.

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